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This is a basic guide for beginners to follow to help them achieve a good and successful game.

!.png NOTE

There is still lots of content on this page describing game content and mechanics from previous seasons,
that have not been updated yet. You can help improving it! :)

Starting the Game


  • In game, there are different time speeds available:
    • 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, 15 seconds
  • This is how long a cycle will last (time till the next event happens) show you by a counter.
  • Keep in mind, after the clock ticks " 0 ", nothing may happen, and a cycle can be eventless, although this will count as a cycle.  ???
    • The term "Tick(s)" may be used interchangeably.


All players will have a profession, which has the same concepts of a "class" (a term used in many first person shooters and role-playing games)

For more information visit the following sites  → Survival & Hardcore, Zombie Massacre, Last Scout, Colosseum, Multiplayer, Roadtrip

Lets Play!


  • In single-player game, the following time types are to be chosen at the start of a game and may not be changed
    • Variant: You may change the speed of every cycle in the middle of a game, but only 30 minutes after you last changed the speed
    • Classic: You may not change the time in the middle of a game. However you can pause the game but only 30 minutes after you last unpaused the game
      • A pause must last at least 30 minutes
  • A game that lasts over several days should not be set to a very high speed, as you may not supply your character with enough food and water (enforcing death during your sleep).
  • If you have the time, and you areable to get online, ultra-speed may be your closest pal :)


  • The timeflow is variant only
  • Speed is determined by averaging chosen time speeds of all players rounded up
    • The time will only be rounded to a time of what that could be selected
      • An example is if a player chooses 15 seconds, and another picks 2 minutes, the time will be rounded to 1 minute. The time would not be rounded to 1 minute and 8 seconds as this is not a choose-able option, nor will it be rounded to 30 seconds because that would be rounding down





Food & Beverage





Status Bars

There are 5 important stats that are needed to stay alive for a long time

  • Status energy.gif Energy
  • Status sleepy.gif Fatigue
  • Status health.gif Health
  • Status hunger.gif Hunger
  • Status thirst.gif Thirst

For more information on what they do and more statuses  →  note: Status Bars & Effects


  • On the left shows your inventory
    • This shows only your inventory and no one else
  • On the right shows what is on the ground
    • Your comrades can drop their stuff and this will show on the ground
  • Normally, you may not carry more than 100 weight
    • Some professions affect this, but not all

The Ammobelt
  • In multiplayer, you will find this automatically in your inventory  →  Ammobelt.gif
  • In single player, you will find the ammobelt in the Desert.gif Wasteland Outside your Hideout
  • Contains your money and every ammo type, the ammobelt may not be dropped, the contents may

note: Viewpoints, Other Items & Combinations, Weapons

  • You can store found liquids in water containers Bottle.gif / Smallbottle.gif
  • It is important for you to store the water in those Container.gif containers as the water disappears when everyone leaves the place.
  • With those containers, you may choose to do one of a few options with them:
    • You may choose to smell them to find out the quality of the water
    • You may choose to write a label on the containers - for example "dirty", "clean" etc.
    • You may choose to put a "Water Purifying Tablets" (Micropur) in those containers to turn their water into Water clean.gif clean water.
  • You may start with two Bottle.gif flasks in survival mode, but may find more.
  • Containers are always clean when found (this includes alcohol bottles you drank).
    • Store clean water in Smallbottle.gif glass bottles, to free your flasks.

note: Food & Beverage, Other Items & Combinations, Medical, Substances

First Weapons
  • The Batgun.gif Self-made Battery Launcher can be your starting ranged weapon.
  • Kill your enemies from a distance and upgrade your firearms at your hideout to kill even more!
  • The Machete.gif Rusty Machete can be your starting melee weapon.
  • ...

note: Weapons, Upgrades, Other Items & Combinations, Gun Shop, Substances


  • You can live, sleep, store items, build upgrades, decorations and epic projects in numerous Home.gif hideouts.
  • Hideouts can be sieged:
    • If the zombie count is higher than a hideout's defense, the zombies will come in, searching for brains.
    • If every player is sleeping when that happens, then all players inside the hideout will be killed!
    • If there is at least one player is awake when this happens, a combat will immediately initiate and if the combat is won, all sleeping players will be safe, if the combat is lost, all sleeping players will be instantly killed.
  • Upon fleeing you will arrive here.
    • Of course, you may not flee from here.

note: Hideouts, Upgrades, Zombies

Traveling & First Steps

  • To be productive, you may to move, which is what you must click in the top right
    • Keep in mind, when you're under siege, you may not move.
  • Remember to have a good amount of energy when moving to make it back to your hideout
  • Once outside, in the beginning, you may only enter the hideout again because you find no ruins until now
    • If the mode is multiplayer, other players may have already explored other ruins and therefore, you will be able to move to different locations
    • However, in singleplayer, wait some ticks here to discover ruins and your starter pack here
    • The starter pack may vary in items based on the game mode
  • Once a ruin has been found, you may travel there, that costs energy  →  Status energy.gif
    • Always calculate that number at least twice, unless you want to be stranded

note: Locations

Find Stuff

  • You need to find food and water, building materials and medical supplies, to live as long as possible, and to enable even more safe scavenging.
  • For different locations, see the locations in the main page.
    • Once you find an item, the chance of finding something decreases
      • The chance of finding stuff will never reach 0 percent, but it may reach really low that you may not find anything for the rest of the game if you continue exploring there
  • The longer you stay at a ruin, the more zombies are attracted to siege and attack you

note: Locations & Item Groups

Tips & Tricks

For more useful help, you can visit the Game Forum, read the 0.gif Tips at pages sections and user-pages like Fishehh's guide to day 1. ;)

Beaker's Guide