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Attention.png Awards will be granted only, if you have earned one point at least!

Game Modes Points Start Equipment Soul Point requirements
Last Scout after 1. / only measurements, which has been sent to town Inventory 500 Survival + 250 Hardcore


Find ruins and map them!

  • Status hunger.gif = 60 Hunger
  • Status thirst.gif = 75 Thirst
  • Boni / Profession specific Items (see Professions)

note: Status Bars & Effects



  • Maptool.gif Cartography Equipment "Trail of Embers"
  • Clothes.gif Street Clothes
  • Bottle.gif Flask, filled with 4 x Water clean.gif Clean Water
  • Lunchbox.gif Lunchbox, filled with 5 Steak.gif Food rations
  • Cyanide.gif Cyanide
  • Paracetin.gif Box of Paracetin (1 - 10)
  • Paracetoid.gif Box of Paracetoid (1 - 10)
  • Ammobelt.gif Ammobelt
  • Battery.gif Handful Batteries (14 - 20)
  • Ammo.gif Ammunition (0 - 2)
  • Machete.gif Rusty Machete
  • Batgun.gif Selfmade Battery Launcher

note: Other Items & Combinations, Armor, Food & Beverage, Medical, Weapons


Leveling up happens automatically when you reach the required amount of points. Your current level shows in the form of Star.gif stars on the job selection screen. Each level grants all the boni from previous levels or, in some instances, improves them. Your "Profile" page shows your soul points, rank, achievement points and achievements.

Level Usp.gif Soulpoints
1 0
2 500
3 1500



  • Collect 100 points to unlock the other professions.

Measurement time

ruin level overlook sketch Measure
Map lv0.gif 20 minutes 35 minutes 65 minutes
Map lv1.gif 35 minutes 65 minutes --
Map lv2.gif 50 minutes -- --


The draftsman has a faster measurement speed comparing to the amateur

  • selectable from 100 points

Measurement time level 1

ruin level Overlook Sketch Measure
Map lv0.gif 15 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes
Map lv1.gif 30 minutes 60 minutes --
Map lv2.gif 45 minutes -- --

Measurement time level 2

ruin level Overlook Sketch Measure
Map lv0.gif 15 minutes 25 minutes 50 minutes
Map lv1.gif 25 minutes 50 minutes --
Map lv2.gif 40 minutes -- --

Measurement time level 3

ruin level Overlook Sketch Measure
Map lv0.gif 10 minutes 20 minutes 40 minutes
Map lv1.gif 20 minutes 40 minutes --
Map lv2.gif 40 minutes -- --


The technician has the same measurement speed as the amateur, but the technician has the ability to use File:Mantool2.gif (Weight 9) to measure a ruin instantly

  • selectable from 100 points
Level Ability
  • You may construct the Maptool2.gif Laser Measuring Device on the Workbench.
    • the use brings 2 points
  • starts with 1 x Maptool2.gif Laser Measuring Device
    • the use brings 3 points
  • starts with 2 x Maptool2.gif Laser Measuring Device
    • the use brings 3 points


  • In this gamemode you are shown the cartography-interface at ruins.
    • The very first (green) point Map lv0.gifyou automatically are granted for discovering the ruin.
    • 4 Menu options are shown: Overview?, Sketch?, Measure? and use the laser?
      • Using the laser..? completely maps the ruin without time usage, but consumes the item.
    • Every single option increases mapping status of this ruin's room (as there are several with multiple sublocations).
    • Overview increases mapping by 1 Map lv1.gif, Sketch by 2 Map lv2.gif and measure by 3 Map lv3.gif.
      • 4 points is the maximum per room.
    • Mapping needs time, and blocks every other action besides aborting the mapping.
      • Aborting resets mapping to the level you started (if it was 1, you started mapping, aborted it, it still is 1).
      • Doing less than 'measure' results in disappearance of options (from the right, so that they addd up to level 4 maximum), and every option gets a higher duration ('coming' from the right)- so 2 times level2 takes longer than 1*level 4...
    • For every mapping you are granted 'infopoints', depednding on ruin's distance to hideout.
      • These infopoints may be converted to gamepoints by using the option 'send mapdata to town?' in your hideout.

  • The other option in your hideout is 'Ask for news from town?'.
    • Possible every 24 hours
    • Useless until now, for RP.

Tips & Tricks

This mode is good for harvesting Achievements, as the first point is easily achieved.