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Starting and only class. Not levelable.


  • Miniknife.gif Ridiculous Penknife Knife of Masculinity
  • Bottle.gif Filled with ?


Name Points Startequipment Soul point requirements
Colosseum after 1./only combats at colosseum 1.(=Qualification) combat in colosseum 500+250 in Survival/Hardcore


Reach a high rank in the arena!

Startclass may only be Gladiator, chosen automatically.

Ruin Colosseum distance: 1 Status energy.gif Energy.

Citeing the original help page:

The Colosseum mode is about fighting against waves of zombies. There are no different professions to choose from!

In this mode, you have access to the Colosseum, a special ruin dedicated to fighting zombies. Like all the other ruins, it can be reached through the wasteland around your hideout.

Before you can fight right here, you need to complete a qualification match. As a reward for this fight you'll get some useful items, such as the ammunition belt. You have to complete this fight within the first 24 hours of the game! Otherwise, you will not be able to gain any soul points!

After winning (=surviving) a battle, you move on to the next level in the colosseum. You will also gain soul points and maybe win some neat items.

There are some preparations required before the colosseum staff can unleash the zombies to fight you, so you might have to wait before you can advance to the next level. Every 24 hours, two more levels will be unlocked.

There are 3 different tournaments in the game (apart from the qualification battle). The tournament you participate in depends on your level in the colosseum. There are also several different arenas, which will affect the fight. As a rule of thumb: The larger the arena, the more opportunities for ranged attacks (e.g. with the battery launcher). When battling in small arenas, you should remember to pack your machete...

The colosseum is absolutely safe, no zombie attacks by ticks/ sieges (?).


Kolosseum-qualificationcombat: 3 radiated, granted rusty machete+ batlauncher+ ?(sorry,didnt note)