Zombie Massacre

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Attention.png Awards will be granted only, if you have earned one point at least!

Game Modes Points Start Equipment Soul Point requirements
Zombie Massacre from the 91st killed Zombie  →  1 point for each additional Inventory NONE


KILL in exactly one week (7 days) as many zombies of all kinds as possible! (death at 1 week automatically)

Countdown timer is your  →  Heartbeat.gif Heartbeat

  • Status hunger.gif = 100 Hunger
  • Status thirst.gif = 100 Thirst
  • Profession specific weapons, 2 x

note: Status Bars & Effects



  • Clothes.gif Street Clothes
  • Cyanide.gif Cyanide
  • Paracetin.gif Box of Paracetin (1 - 10)
  • Paracetoid.gif Box of Paracetoid (1 - 10)
  • Bottle.gif Flasks 3 x, one filled with 4 x Water clean.gif Clean Water
  • Ammobelt.gif Ammobelt
  • Battery.gif Handful Batteries (150)
  • Ammo.gif Handful Ammunition (65)

note: Armor, Medical, Food & Beverage, Other Items & Combinations


Your professions define your specific start weapons. Professions are none levelable.


  • Machete3.gif Cosmic Machete (unique extremely strong)
  • Batgun.gif Selfmade Batterie Launcher

Ice-cold Killer

  • Machete.gif Rust Machete
  • Batgun4.gif Battery Launcher MK IV Prototype (unique extremely strong)


  • Machete2.gif Sharp Machete
  • Batgun3.gif Batterie Launcher Mk II

note: Weapons

Tip & Tricks

Go to the pharmacy of the hospital for showdown.

This mode is a good beginners-learning mode, and good for harvesting Achievements.

--Storm (talk) 01:57, 22 July 2015 (BST)