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Watch the bars. Or die too fast..

Status bar changes happen AFTER potential tick-events.

WARNING. The shown values, even those upon hoovering, are rounded!

Primary Values

There are five different values that each player must maintain to stay alive in the world of zombvival.


Potentially the most important stat, used by/for:

  • Moving
  • Fighting
  • Fleeing
  • Building

The energy bar is affected by a lot of factors! There is nothing wrong with going to bed, especially if you are guarded by high defence
-this includes other players standing watch in multiplayer.

Energy Bonus

With a bit of luck, you may get random events giving you extra energy. If an event occurred you will receive one of the followings messages:

!WARNING!: These are translated from the German wiki, the ingame text may be slightly different.

5 Status energy.gif Energy:

  • "You had a beautiful dream. This has given you some extra energy."
  • "You have just found the answer to a zen riddle you have been struggling with for years. This has given you some extra energy."

15 Status energy.gif Energy:

  • "You have found the perfect sleeping position. Because you are lying so comfortable now you have received an energy boost."
  • "You have found an old cinema ticket from a movie you have watched with your friends in your trousers. These lovely memory has given you an energy boost."

50 Status energy.gif Energy:

  • "A shooting star! You have never seen such a beautiful one/You will never see such a beautiful one again. This beautiful sight gives you hope and a great energy boost."


Fatigue and energy are not the same and should not be mistaken for each other.

  • Fatigue decreases all the time, unless you are sleeping or reading.
  • You may only go to sleep if Status sleepy.gif is less than 85
  • If Status sleepy.gif is greater than 90 Energy regeneration is decreased
  • Reaching 100 Status sleepy.gif wakes you up
  • Status sleepy.gif regenerates faster when your energy is high
  • Status sleepy.gif is very important to finding items. Your chances of finding items is drastically lowered with lower Status sleepy.gif
    • Status sleepy.gif also effects your hit chance in combat, although the effect is not very strong
    • If your Status sleepy.gif is 0, you will not find any items
  • Status sleepy.gif Can also be increased by using items such as the Cof cold.gif Cold Coffe, the Cof hot.gif Hot Coffe and the Dildo2.gif Modified Massage Stick(not advisable).
  • Status sleepy.gif Can also be decrased by taking Paralaxium.gif Box of Paralaxium

Status health.gif Health

  • Natural health regeneration is based on Hunger/Thirst.
    • Sleeping greatly increases the amount of health regen, depending on the level of bed upgrade.
    • Health can be greatly affected by using various objects
  • If your health reaches 0, surprisingly, you die.

Status hunger.gif Hunger

  • Hunger has an increasing/decreasing effect on other status bars.
  • 50 hunger has no effect.
  • More than 50 increases energy/health regen
  • Less than 50 will start to drain hp.

Status thirst.gif Thirst

  • Thirst has the same effects as hunger, but doubled.

Secondary Values

Status drunk.gif Alcohol

Alcohol grants no benefits, but:

  • Increases energy usage in combat
  • Gives a chance of hurting yourself while traveling
  • Decreases item finding chances

Drunkenness may be caused by other causes than alcohol, such as medication.

Drug1.gif Drug Frenzy

Drug Frenzy grants no benefits, on the other hand, if you take another drug, you will become Drug2.gif Addicted.

  • When you have Drug1.gif and Drug2.gif statuses, no penalties affect you.
  • Drug1.gif Drug frenzy sooner or later will go off, but Drug2.gif Addicted will stay and then you will get Drug3.gif withdrawal status with enormous penalties to Status energy.gif Status health.gif Status hunger.gif Status thirst.gif, unless you take another drug.
  • If you manage to survive with Drug3.gif Withdrawal, it will go off in 3 Days (864 Ticks).

Status rad.gif Radiation

Radiation may be achieved by being at the nuclear power plant, or "eating" dalad jelly..

Decreases by itself, but very slowly (-.25/turn!).

Radiation lowers energy/fatigue/health regeneration, and at higher values will start to do damage to the player. Radiation at above 75 can be very dangerous if the player does not have any medication to take regularly.

Status zmb.gif Zombie Infection

  • A zombie infection results by eating a Body2.gif Torn Zombie (+10 infection value) and in multiplayer-games from infected Bite.gif bite wounds (+5 infection value).
  • The infection progresses exponentially → +0.01, +0.02, +0.03, +0.04 ...etc. /tick - The more infected you are, the faster the infection value increases.
  • An infection can be cured ONLY with → The experimental drug was developed to contain the zombie epidemic. In first tests, it has proven effective in early stages of the infection, but it failed to revert the effects of an already completed zombification. Medical Substance H9CE42-D
  • If the Status zmb.gif infection value of a player is above 50, they turn into a zombie after death. The manner of death is irrelevant.
    • A zombified player will attack other players.
    • They must be killed in combat to drop their items.
  • Although a zombiefied character remains after his death in the game, the player corresponding to the death screen appears - so he can not control his character, nor see his status or whereabouts.
  • In a fight against a zombified character, they will not use weapons or armor that they had equipped.
  • Zombified characters strength is based upon how high their infection value was at time of death.
  • Zombified characters will never be in a group with normal zombies during combat.


A normal character may carry 100 weight, others may carry more.

If your carry 90 or higher weight, you will be Backpack.gif Deeply Loaded. Traveling costs becomes ~1.5*Status energy.gif.


Different time period during the day affects different parts of the game.

Dtmorning.gif Morning (06:00 to 10:00)
"The early bird always catches the worm (but the second mouse gets the cheese)! This time of the day, coffee is magically more effective. Also, since it's not that hot outside yet, upgrading your hideout will require less energy."

Dtday.gif Day (10:00 to 18:00)
"The sun burns mercyless. You'd better avoid running around in the open, since that will increase your water consumption. In addition to costing energy, long marches through the wasteland will make you thirsty."

Dtevening.gif Evening (18:00 to 22:00)
"The sun slowly sets after a hard day. Now you've earned a cold beer, because as we all know: Drinking in the evening is less harmful."

  • the amount of alcohol from drinks is reduced by 25%

Dtnight.gif Night (22:00 to 6:00)
"The moon has risen high on the sky, and the world is immeresed in darkness. Zombies have bad eyes, so escaping them will be easier. Unfortunately, you will hardly find any items without a flashlight..."

Effects Overview

Each player value (the five bars at the top) has two factors: increase and decrease. BOTH of these factors can be changed by items or other effects.

  • For example in the table below: Withdrawal has -60% Growth, and +10% consumption for energy.
    • This means that anything that gives you energy will give you 60% less
    • This also means that anything that drains energy drains 10% more.
Name Status energy.gif Status sleepy.gif Status health.gif Status hunger.gif Status thirst.gif Notes
Increment Decrement Increment Decrement Increment Decrement Increment Decrement Increment Decrement
Indicator/RP. Shows for example in Hardcore the time till the first week is completed.
varying, based on
Status hunger.gif & Status thirst.gif
(Status energy.gif/200) - 0.75
varying, based on
Status hunger.gif, Status thirst.gif
-0.15 -0.25 Calculated based on all other bars.
And yes, you read that right. Metabolism increases or decreases your health gain based on current HP. You gain health faster the more HP you have.
Status nom.gif
Well-Rounded Nutrition
-50% 50% reduced Status hunger.gif Hunger by eating:
Status drunk.gif
-(Status drunk.gif-50)/300 Status drunk.gif decreases by 0,83? per Tick.

Health-decrement: Rounding errors?. May not be positive.

Home Sweet Home
-20% -30% Only at hideout.
Sleep pre.gif
Falling Asleep
+0,15 +0,15
  • time to falling asleep on the ground:
    • 30 minutes (6 ticks)
  • time to falling asleep in bed:
    • 25 minutes (5 ticks)
    • 10 minutes with Lamp on.gif Nightlight
Sleep cozy.gif
Sleep (Ground)
+0.25 +0.75
Sleep cozy.gif
Sleep (Sleeping Corner)
+50% +1.00 +50%
Sleep cozy.gif
Sleep (Cozy Bed)
+1,00 +100%
Sleep cozy.gif
Sleep (Kingsize Bed)
+1,00 +150%
-100% Forbids sleeping and other activities that cause 'excited'.
Burning Sun
+30% Only at "outside" areas during Dtday.gif daytime (10:00 to 18:00).
  • it increases thirst by 30%. Additionally, traveling will increase your thirst by 20% of the energy costs!
Deeply Loaded
Traveling costs ~1.5*Status energy.gif, if Weight is 90% or higher.
Bite Wound
Time: 5 Min. each bite wound, additive
Water blood.gif
Heavy Bleeding
-0.3 -1.2 Without bandages potentially fatal.
Drug Frenzy
-60% +10% -200% -30% +100% Lasts 3 full Ingame days
Heavy Hallucinations
Makes you start random figths with strange creatures that have suggesting names (like Genital Monster) and probally waste a sh*t ton of energy and ammo, they don't do any damage on the other side.
Status rad.gif
- Status rad.gif in % + Status rad.gif in % - Status rad.gif ÷ 100 Status rad.gif decreases by 0,25 per Tick.
The percentage at Increment of Status health.gif health may not be positive.

Maximum Status rad.gif= 97.5.

Status zmb.gif
- Status zmb.gif in % - Status zmb.gif in % - Status zmb.gif in % - Status zmb.gif in % + Status zmb.gif in % - Status zmb.gif in % Infection affects almost everything. Example:
  • If you have an infection of 10
    • You gain energy 10% slower, but use lose it 10% slower also.
    • You gain HP 10% slower, and need 10% more food, but 10% less water.
Flashlight on.gif
Buff only active during the night or at poorly lit locations.
You only may wait till finished/abort (loss of progress!) . Forbids EVERY activity. Only Last Scout.