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In Zombvival, there are many possible hideouts that can be found in the outlying area. These hideouts must be fixed up before they can be used, and offer a variety of features.

Distances from Viewpoints

New Hideout locations can be found from Desert.gif Viewpoints, just like every other location. However, new Hideouts cannot be found from the Wasteland around the Hideout (the starting location). Instead, they can be found at Squares, Business Centers, and sometimes in internal maps such as the Hospital or Campsite.

The distance listed below is the amount of Status energy.gif energy required to move from the Viewpoint to the Hideout location.

Home.gif Hideout Findable from Desert.gif Viewpoint Status energy.gif Distance
  • Gate's motel
  • Run-down hotel
  • Expired hostel
  • Warehouse
  • Uninhabited family house
  • Squares
  • Business Centers
  • Abandoned bunker
  • Business Centers
  • Stranded camper
  • Single bedroom
  • Tree House
0 (located at the entrance)


  • Hideouts decay at different rates
  • Hideouts do not decay if no players are inside, but zombies will appear either way.
  • There are several Upgrades to repair the hideout when it decays.
Action Decay Decay.gif Energy Cost Status energy.gif Building Cost Notes
Patch up the place +10 20 3 Crwood.gif Rotting Logs, 3 Crmetal.gif Scrap Metal Increases the decay rate
Thoroughly fix damage +15 50 3 Wood.gif Twisted plank,
3 Metal.gif Scrap Metal
Decreases decay rate
Find and fix weak spots 60 1 Wood.gif Twisted plank,
1 Metal.gif Scrap metal, 3 Sum.gif Handful of nuts and bolts
Greatly reduces decay rate

Building the Hideout

  • Found hideouts start at 0 defense with 0% durability.
  • The cost of restoring the hideout is 20 Status energy.gif energy and 2 Wood.gif Twisted Planks.
  • Defense.gif Upgrades are possible only after building the hideout.

Possible Hideouts

The current Defense.gif Defense of a Hideout is determined by its initial defense (listed below), any defensive Upgrades, and the current Decay.gif durability. So, for example, if your Hideout starts with 5 Defense.gif and you "Lock the Door" (+5 Defense.gif), and the current Decay.gif is 80%, then the current defense of your Hideout is (5 + 5) * 80% = 8 Defense.gif.

Durability starts at 100% Decay.gif and goes down over time with a certain decay rate (listed below). The decay rate naturally increases over time. The rate can be decreased (or increased) and the current durability can be increased by fixing up the Hideout (see Upgrades).

The Zombie.gif zombie influx is the rate at which zombies show up to surround the Hideout. If the number of surrounding Zombie.gif is greater than the current Defense.gif, then the zombies will break in and start a fight.

Name Description Rooms Defense.gif Initial defense Decay.gif Initial decay rate Zombie.gif Zombie influx
  • Hideout
In your hideout, you are safe from surprise zombie attacks and can relax after a hard day - as long as your barricades keep unwelcome visitors out! You won't be able to stay here forever - sooner or later, you'll have to leave this place in search for food and water ... None 15 Defense.gif 1% Decay.gif every 21 ticks ?
  • Gate's Motel
  • Run Down Hotel
  • Expired Hostel
  • Derelict Hostel
This place seems to have been scavenged in the past, so you shouldn't expect to find anything here. One of the guest rooms is pretty well preserved, however. You could turn it into a hideout... if you don't mind the ceilling dropping on your head.
  • Bed (level 3, no nightlight)
4 Defense.gif 1% Decay.gif decrease every 7 ticks 1 Zombie.gif every 6-8 ticks
  • Warehouse
"Like any warehouse this property offers simple safeguards against theft. Looters, were not stoped by those, but maybe zombies? You could certainly try to make this place a hiding place ..." None 1 Defense.gif 1% Decay.gif decrease every 14 ticks 1 Zombie.gif every 5-7 ticks
  • Uninhabited Family House
It seems the construction finished just days before the outbreak. It's already furnished, but it doesn't seem like anyone has inhabited it yet. This could be an ideal location for a new hideout... if it wasn't the first location zombies would look for you.
  • Bedroom (level 3, no nightlight)
  • Workbench (level 1) 7m² free space
  • Utilities Room (level 1) 4m² free space
  • Kitchen (level 1) 10m² free space
  • Unused Room (Inside) 5m² free space
  • Unused Room (Outside) 20m² free space
  • Unused Room (Outside) 15m² free space
55 Defense.gif ? 1-2 Zombie.gif every 1-2 ticks
  • Abandoned Bunker
This bunker was designed to protect people in case of a nuclear strike. Seemingly nobody got the idea that this place might also protect you from a zombie apocalypse. Well, maybe YOU could turn this thing into a proper hideout.
  • Bed (level 1)
  • Workbench (level 1)
  • Generator (level 1)
30 Defense.gif ? (very low) 1 Zombie.gif every 2-4 ticks
  • Stranded Motor Home (?)
The tires are ripped, the motor is badly damaged and there isn't a drop of gas left in its tank. I'd say you're not going anywhere in this thing anymore; of course, you can still use it as a convienient hideout.
  • Bed (level 1)
  • Generator (level 1)
  • Kitchen (level 1)
2 Defense.gif 1% Decay.gif decrease every 7 ticks 1 Zombie.gif every 6-10 ticks
Private patients usually have more money, which makes them better people who deserve better medical care. This includes this luxurious room, featuring a leather armchair for visitors, home cinema system and of course a well-filled bar. Say, why don't you "hospitalize" yourself and turn this room into a nifty hideout?
  • Bed level 3
2 Defense.gif 1% Decay.gif decrease every 14 ticks 1 Zombie.gif every 2-4 ticks
"Since zombies aren't good at climbing trees, this Treehouse is actually a pretty good hideout. However, in case of a fire you should avoid using it..."
  • Bed level 1
10 Defense.gif ? ?
  • InstaTENT™ Kit
    • for max. 1 person
    • maybe found in most places
    • can't be upgraded or repaired
"The InstaTENT™ is a perfect mobile home for friends of camping trips, open air concerts and iPhone releases. Unfortunately, after setting the InstaTENT™s up, you may notice that is is virtually impossible to disassemble it again. Some people would probably call this a design flaw..."
  • Bed level 1
15 Defense.gif 1% Decay.gif decrease every ~ 21 ? ticks 1 Zombie.gif every 26 ticks
= 2h:10m (130 min.)
  • DELUXE InstaTENT™ Kit
    • for max. 3 persons
    • maybe be found in Wasteland around the Hideout
    • can't be upgraded or repaired
"Why would you use a regular InstaTENT™, when you could use an InstaTENT™ Deluxe? This improved InstaTENT™ has more room, is more comfortable and has TWICE the amount of caution notes in its manual!"
  • Bed level 2
8 Defense.gif ? 1% Decay.gif decrease every 16 ticks ?


  • Each hideout has it's good and bad sides, and should be used accordingly.

Temporary Accommodation

Hideouts such as'Gate's Motel','Run Down Hotel' and 'Expired hostel' have a very high decay rate. These hideouts are, however, always equipped with a bed level 3 , so you can use them for temporary sleeping places to have enough energy to reach further away locations.


Some hideouts are not viable due to high zombie numbers. The Uninhabited Family House, for example, has a built in workbench, kitchen, and generator, but has a very large number of zombies. It is best used for crafting items, not living.


Some hideouts have a low decay rate and low zombie influx. Hideouts such as the Abandoned Bunker, the Warehouse, and the starting Hideout are all viable places to live in a more permanent fashion. Season 8: Unfortunately, zombie influx at Abandoned Bunker is now very high, you'll also get "special" zombies (Undead Fatsos, Insane Ghouls) instead of basic ones. This makes it harder to live there.