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This site aims to be a guide for creating and editing posts.

If there is something unclear, or you notice that something is not defined here, which should be defined, so do not hesitate to contact the Admin-Team.


Quite general while editing and creating, you should ensure that you are visually oriented to the previously existing sites!

In case of doubt, there is nothing wrong to copy text and codes from an existing page, and rebuild for the new or edited page.

Since I've seen that some people do not even do that: Please also again read your own text after composing and is necessary, correct!

Site Creation

When creating a new page, you should always be in the conscience that this page is really needed and makes sense. If you already have similar information on another page, this one should rather expand, because the more pages, the more maintenance, and more confusing it gets.

Structuring of the Page

A new page is to be Constructed as follows:

Introduction ... Here already some general information about the topic discussed here.

Below there may already be called quiet details, if it affects the entire page.

= Heading 1 =

General information on the current sub-headings or anything.

If there is to be only one heading level, this can be handled quietly with two ==, then the headings do not seem so exaggerated.

== Heading 1.1 ==


=== Heading 1.1.1 ===

More details...

== Heading 1.2 ==


=== Heading 1.2.1 ===

More details...


Please assign a category to new pages. It is recommended to use the category from the "Main Page" or "Tables".

Example: [[Category: Common]]   [[Category: Items]]   [[Category: Locations]] ...

Working with Lists and Tables


To create a simple collection, one works best with * stars

  • first
  • second

List with Columns

For a list in different columns, listing the main page can be good to use. Arises from the following input:

{| class="wikitable" width="100%"

! Column 1

! Column 2


| valign="top" width="16%" | <!-- Column 1 -->

*[[File:nix.gif]] parked

*[[File:nix.gif]] parked

|valign="top" width="16%" | <!-- Column 2-->

*[[File:nix.gif]] parked

*[[File:nix.gif]] parked


Column 1 Column 2
  • Nix.gif parked
  • Nix.gif parked
  • Nix.gif parked
  • Nix.gif parked


Tabellen sind häufig sehr sinnvoll, es wird gebeten, diese Vorlage zu verwenden, oder sich eine Tabelle von einer bestehenden Seite zu nehmen und diese umzubauen:

{| class="wikitable sortable" width="100%"

! Column 1

! Column 2

! Column 3


| Value 1 || Value 2 || Value 3


| Value 1 || Value 2 || Value 3



Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Value 1 Value 2 Value 3
Value 1 Value 2 Value 3


Icons are inserted like that: [[File:bottle.gif]]  →  Bottle.gif

On the Wiki the file names for the icons are the same as in the game itself.

If you want to know whether an icon of the game is already available here, you have to search the name of the icons in the game, and then try  → File list

The icon name from the game is obtained by a click on an icon in the game with the right mouse button and [ 'Open image in new tab' ] (Chrome) from the context menu.

Example: Heartbeat.gif  →

Everything that is after the last " / " is the image name  →  heartbeat.gif

If the desired icon is not available, you have to download the image from the games server (context menu) and upload here in the wiki in the left toolbox [ 'Upload file' ].

NOTE: Please maintain the original FILE NAME and write the original GAME NAME in the "Description" under:  "Summary" !

Picture Duplicate are allowed if it makes sense for the file name. For example, the same icon as the item and as an achievement, with correspondingly different designations.

Important: To write an item (or else) with an icon, always insert a space between icon and name!

So do NOT Cof cold.gifCold Coffee but  →  Cof cold.gif Cold Coffee

This is not only an aesthetic reason, but a direct concatenation writing without space is disturbing the search of the wiki!

Link Knowledge

It often happens that you want to another page or a specific section of a web page link. Please do this under any circumstances with hard URLs, since the wiki is transferred once to another URL, it does no longer work. Here it is explained how this works:


If you want internally link to another page, it goes like this [[Upgrades]]  →  Upgrades

You can also mask the site name with another text: [[Upgrades|Important Upgrades]]  →  Important Upgrades


Pages can quite easy linked to a heading, that goes like this: [[#Workbench]]  →  #Workbench

But since this does not look very attractive, you do it best so: [[#Workbench|Workbench]]  →  Workbench

Other Sites at Sections

On other pages, the whole works very similar, you do it best so: [[Upgrades#Workbench|Workbench]]  →  Workbench

And for "Workbench Level 1" findable under "Combinations", you goes like this: [[Upgrades#Level 1|Workbench Level 1]]  →  Workbench Level 1

PS: If a heading is twice or more often present, the second can be controlled with _2.

Using Informations

An influence of a status bar always with corresponding form!

Here the Status Bars:

  • +?  or  -? Status energy.gif Energy
  • +?  or  -? Status sleepy.gif Fatigue
  • +?  or  -? Status health.gif Health
  • +?  or  -? Status thirst.gif Thirst
  • +?  or  -? Status hunger.gif Hunger
  • +?  or  -? Status drunk.gif Alcohol


Items & Item Groups

Often one wants to refer to specific items, if possible always use a larger group for that.

For instance:

Instead of Chem1.gif Milosat, Chem2.gif Carmigol, Chem3.gif Neotrigin, Chem4.gif Limosuptin, Chem5.gif Gatonoptium, Chem6.gif Betakosimate  simply useChem vari.gif Substances

Instead of N° 9 Gossip Rag, N° 8 Gossip Rag, N° 7 Gossip Rag, N° 6 Gossip Rag, N° 5 Gossip Rag, N° 4 Gossip Rag, N° 3 Gossip Rag, N° 2 Gossip Rag, N° 1 Gossip Rag, N° 10 Gossip Rag  simply useN° 10 Gossip Rag

Each item has a corresponding icon group, it should be taken to maintain this.

Here are some examples of item groups, and the corresponding group icon:


Most of them are mentioned in the main menu, others perhaps only on individual pages.

Attention.png Note updated pages!

Resources required

Resources Required to enumerate in the following format:

5 Status energy.gif Energy, 1 Teddy.gif Teddy Bear, 3 Cloth.gif Shred of Fabric

If there is not enough space available, a shortened notation is possible, but the former is to prefer:

5 Status energy.gif, 1 Teddy.gif, 3 Cloth.gif


Effects of certain items or actions are to write in the following format:

-25 Status energy.gif, +10 Status health.gif, +30 Status hunger.gif, -25 Status thirst.gif

Or posted in text:

[...] makes -25 Status energy.gif Energy [...]

Item Table

In each ruin is a table of the items found so far.

In these tables, please use the following item groups, rather than enter the items individually:

Work2.gif Building Materials

  • Weapons c.gif Weapons Components:
    • ...
  • Lamp on.gif Furnishings & Deco:
    • ...

Medi vari.gif Medical Care

  • Medic.gif Medicine & Medical Supplies:
    • ...
  • 7.gif Pills & Drugs:

111.gif Catering

  • Water&blood.gif Water & Blood:
    • ...
  • Food other.gif Other Food & Implements:
    • ...

Items combi.gif Other

  • ...

The field "Found" should say about how likely the items is in a ruin.

If you find an item, then the increase in value of the corresponding item by 1.  →  Do not write edge information, such as color of the pill, the number of pills in a pill box etc. This is too confusing.

Enter the item [Upload file] if it is not listed yet with the original game-filename(.gif) AND write under Summary the full-in game-name !