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Brain Coin.gif Brain Coins(BC)

Free Coin.gif Free Coins(100)

How to get BC

He, who searches finds

You can find small amounts of Brain Coin.gif in every game(3-9 per find). The higher the danger the greater the chance you fill your pockets with coins, provided your life doesn't end in a minute.

Attention.png BC found ingame will only be counted only if you have survived more than 24 hours and they were in your ammo belt at the time of your death.

Daily Login

Another way of getting Brain Coin.gif is to login everyday. If you do that you will receive from 5 to 35 BC daily.

Hooking up your friends

A profitable way of getting shinies is to addict your friends to this game. If their use your mentor code they will become your apprentice and you will get 1BC for every 20 soul points their earn. Why should they do that? Because they receive 20Brain Coin.gif.


All offered packages are different in their content. Some contain useful items that are placed directly in your hideout or in your backpack or they contain a useful buff.

Everytime you launch a game you will be offered 10 different packages in the shop.

Keep in mind you can only buy one package per category and if you play multiplayer and the packages marked with "*" below can be bought ONLY by the first player who joins the game.


Package Brain Coin.gif
to be find in... Content
Drugdealer.gif Drugdealer 100 Effect bar(Status drugdealer.gif)
  • Drugs(Paracetoid.gif Paracetin.gif Paralaxium.gif Twinoid.gif Foodsupplement.gif) are 20% more effective.
Handyman.gif Handyman 100 Effect bar(Status handyman.gif)
  • It costs 10% less Status energy.gif to repair your hideout and build improvements.
Danger.gif Scout 100 Effect bar(Status danger.gif)
  • Much more accurate estimates of when the zombies will attack and how much they will be.(around 50%)
Loner.gif Misfit 100 Effect bar(Status loner.gif)
  • 15% higher chance to escape from a zombie siege.
  • Multyplayer: Your presence will be less obvious to other players.
Investpack.gif Investition Package* 25 Chest(hideout)
  • 10 Brain Coin.gif Brain Coins(BC)
Beerpack.gif Workday end Beer* 25 Chest(hideout)
  • 3 Beer.gifBeer.
Woodpack.gifWoodpackage*(note: original name not translated because it's German humour) 50 Chest(hideout)
  • 5 Wood.gif Twisted Planks and 5 Crwood.gif Rotting Logs.
Metalpack.gifHeavy Metal Package* 50 Chest(hideout)
  • 5 Metal.gif Wrough Iron and 5 Crmetal.gif Scrap Metal.
Bikepack.gif Bike Package* 75 Chest(hideout)
  • 1 Bikepack.gif Bike
    • 25% Less Status energy.gif needed for travelling when using the bike.
Nra.gif NSA Gun Permit 150 Chest(hideout)+Backpack
  • 1 Rifle nra.gif Rifle and 15 Ammo.gif Ammunition.
1up.gifLevel +1 200 Profession
  • Profession level +1
Mup.gif Max level 1000 Profession
  • Maximum Profession level.
  • Allows discovering secret locations with certain Profession.
  • Allows to use all profession skills and abilitys